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Psychological & Counseling Services for the Entire Family

Helping you achieve emotional, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual well-being.

When you are struggling, whether it's with your job, a relationship, your children or loved ones, you need help and support. That's where Bowden & Associates can help. We are caring, friendly, highly trained and experienced psychologists and counselors with expertise in the area of your unique and special needs.


Life may seem overwhelming. Our world is sometimes too fast-paced. Anxiety or depression can interfere with life. Those are the times you may feel the emotional, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual elements are not working together. Your life feels out of balance.

Our staff of psychologists and counselors are available to help reduce the effects of stress, enhance your personal growth, and assist you in regaining balance and experience a fuller life. We are here to help you find solutions.


As we age we begin to face many new and different life changes. Seniors and their families may struggle with illness, cognitive changes, and the normal course of aging. Older adults may experience symptoms such as:

Loss of abilities - Fear of death - Anger - Isolation - Depression - Loss of independence - Difficulty with memory/concentrations

Specialized geriatric services are available to assess, diagnose, and treat these special needs. Our geriatric specialist has expertise in counseling older adults and their families. We also can provide geriatric neuropsychological assessments upon referral from your physician.


Kids today face many pressures. They struggle to keep up in school, adjust to peer pressure, make friends, or pay attention. Families also struggle with the difficulties of managing a difficult child's behavior or helping them succeed. Children and adolescents can benefit from the therapeutic interventions that help them overcome difficulties, cope with painful situations, develop character and build a system of Decreasing stress, anxiety, or depression may help improve academic achievement.

Bowden & Associates' highly trained staff have expertise in helping children with issues such as:

Depression & Anxiety
Learning Problems
Issues with Self-Esteem
Coping with separation/divorce/death
Behavior problems
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder


Psychological Evaluations
Custody Evaluations
Mental Functional Capacity Assessments
Trauma Assessments
ADHD Evaluations
Consultation and Training
Safety Forces Employment Evaluations
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Vocational Assessments
Sports Counseling

Bowden & Associates
Psychological and Counseling Services for the Entire Family
Helping you achieve emotional, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual well-being.

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