Depression In Adults Over 55
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Psychological Evaluations
Custody Evaluations
Mental Functional Capacity Assessments
Trauma Assessments
ADHD Evaluations
Consultation and Training
Safety Forces Employment Evaluations
Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
Vocational Assessments
Sports Counseling

FEES (Effective 01/15/2010)
We are providers for most medical Insurance companies and Medicare
Initial Diagnostic Appointment $150.00 Per 50 minute unit
Psychotherapy $110.00 Per 50 minute unit
$70.00 Per 30 minute unit
Psychological Assessment* $600.00 (per individual) 2 hrs. - interview
2 hrs. - testing
1 hr. - interpretation/dictation
Mental Functional Capacity* $200.00 1 hr. interview/mental, status exam
1 hr. interpretation/dictation
Sexual Abuse Trauma* $600.00 2 hrs. - interview
2 hrs. - testing
1 hr. interpretation/dictation
Other Services
Courtroom testimony or Court
Appearance under subpoena
$150.00 1 hr. minimum billed portal-to-portal
Telephone over 15 minutes long $35.00 Per 15 min. unit on calls initiated by client/returned by therapist
After hours therapy/Consultation $150.00
*All assessments must be paid in full prior interview/testing.

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